Isn’t it gross to think about marketing your work/career in the same way you’d market, like, an app?

Kind of, but you have to do it. It's funny, a lot of startup founders have this same experience when they hire a sales team. Up until they hire their first salesperson, according to Jason Lemkin, it's the CEO doing demos and walkthroughs, and they get real wonky, especially if they've got a developer background. They're used to talking about the product they built and not the product the consumer wants. They want to tell stories about how a certain feature came to be. They want to make sure the person listening to the product demo really gets how much thought went into this or that algorithm, when all the customer wants to know is if it's going to work for them or not.

A good first salesperson is going to take the CEO's rambling demo and turn it into a really honed selling script. It doesn't change the product, it just talks about it in the way consumers need it talked about.


Should I be making money out of my work? I do it for the love.

It depends. I think you should definitely have a realistic understanding of the market value of your writing. That is to say, if you're writing profiles or reportage for major magazines, you have a different set of expectations from a poet. That doesn't mean a poet should put less effort into marketing her work, it just changes the variables she's working with.

We're in an odd field, in that it's totally possible to be wildly successful and still be broke. I'll be writing a lot more about this in the future. 


Why are there only three questions on your FAQ?

Because nobody's asked me anything yet?